Proven Fields Oil and Gas

Proven Fields is an energy investment firm established in 2010 in order to make investments into oil and/or gas fields in the United States. Proven Fields owns, manages and/or controls direct working interest in multiple fields throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas and Arkansas with producing wells and development potential.

The investment team has significant experience with financial restructuring and will assist energy companies which are in financial distress and which need additional capital and liquidity in order to avoid further financial concern.

The firm has the capability to operate and develop a field on its own or, in certain circumstances, joint venture with other operators depending upon the region.

Typically, an ideal investment size is between $5 million and $150 million. Additionally, the type of investments Proven Fields focuses on involve fields which have experienced some sort of past production history, thus reducing the geologic and engineering risk of the investments.

Proven Fields maintains offices in Houston and New York City.