Proven Fields Oil & Gas (“Proven Fields”) is an energy investment firm which was founded in 2010 and focuses on investment transactions in the sub-$100 million market. We believe this part of the market is over-looked due to the significant growth of institutional capital focusing on investments in the energy sector.

Proven Fields invests its capital into opportunities to extract proven oil and/or gas reserves from known reservoirs. Investments range from purchasing production, to pursuing a re-entry or workover program, to in-fill and “PUD” development drilling.

The firm is actively engaged in identifying opportunities for investment in Commercial Salt Water Disposal facilities in Texas and elsewhere. The firm constructed and currently owns and operates one operational facility in West Texas.

Proven Fields’ primary geographic focus is entirely onshore in the States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and certain other selected geographic regions. The firm can either operate the projects in which it invests or it can partner with a third-party operator, who will enhance Proven Fields’ ability to maximize returns on a given project.

Proven Fields is targeting opportunities to invest capital of $5,000,000 to up to $150,000,000 into any given transaction. To date, the Company has invested into more than 30 transactions in its targeted regions.